Best Travel Alarm Clocks

5 Best Digital Travel Alarm Clocks in 2022

Updated: June 22, 2021

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When choosing an alarm clock for vacation, it's important to go for something compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. This way, you won't be dragging around a heavy clock that takes ages to set up.

In this article, I'm going to be presenting the five best digital travel alarm clocks. You'll discover the good, bad, and ugly of each, allowing you to make a confident buying decision.

However, before I dive into the article, I want to discuss my top pick for the people who are short on time.

My number one choice is the Marathon Atomic Alarm Clock. Not only is it compact, lightweight, and has an easy-to-set alarm, it also doubles up as a thermometer.

What more could you want, right!?

Why I'm Qualified

I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning thanks to inadequate alarm clocks. Since then, I've made it my mission to test the best alarm clocks on the market.

Throughout the years, I've discovered which ones work and which don't. Nowadays, I use this blog to help inform others about what I've learned.

I also created my own alarm clock.

Best Travel Alarm Clocks

Best Feature: Temperature Sensor Clock

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Best Feature: Automatically Saves Settings When Switched Off

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Best Feature: Doubles Up As A Makeup Mirror

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Best Feature: Loud Alarm

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Best Feature: Modern-Looking Design

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Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Temperature Sensor Clock

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The Marathon Alarm Clock isn't going to blow you away in terms of looks; however, it has everything you need for your travels. As well as an easy-to-operate alarm, there is also a built-in temperature sensor.

So no more checking the weather on your phone!

The alarm isn't loud enough to wake heavy sleepers; however, it works for most people. I discovered the alarm speaker is on the back of the clock, making it more difficult to hear in the morning.

That's why I recommend keeping it on your bedside cabinet.

What's more, it's operated using 2 AA batteries which are included in your purchase. I like this feature because it means you don't need to use power outlets in your hotel.

It's also worth mentioning this clock is atomic, so it automatically sets the time. You can choose between 6 different time zones; Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

While this feature makes your life easier, it's not going to work if you're traveling abroad. If you're leaving the US, I strongly advise choosing a different alarm clock.


  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Easy to set an alarm
  • Don't have to worry about wires (battery operated)
  • Atomic feature


  • Doesn't work outside the US due to the atomic feature
  • It isn't loud enough to wake heavy sleepers

Travelwey Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Automatically Saves Settings When Switched Off

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If you want to keep things simple on your travels, this alarm clock is perfect. Unlike the Marathon Alarm Clock, it doesn't include any additional features and only displays the time.

Setting the alarm is dead simple. There are two buttons on the front; one for the minutes and one for the hour. Putting this clock in your luggage can lead to these buttons getting pressed accidentally.

Luckily, Travelwey has included a switch that deactivates all the buttons. This ensures the alarm and settings won't be changed by accident.

What's more, there is a built-in backlight that can be activated for 5 seconds by pressing a button. I like this feature because the light isn't going to keep you awake all night, only when you need it.

Of course, some people may prefer a backlight that stays activated throughout the night.

In addition, turning off this clock doesn't cause it to lose time. Everything (including the alarm) will be saved.

In terms of downsides, I found the self-activated backlight can be too bright for some people, especially during the night.


  • Easiest alarm clock to set up (for the non-tech savvy)
  • Switch to prevent buttons from being pressed during traveling
  • Saves the time and alarm settings when switched off
  • 5-second self-activated backlight


  • Backlight can be too bright for some people
  • Doesn't include any additional features

NOKLEAD Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Doubles Up As A Makeup Mirror

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Similar to the Marathon Alarm Clock, this one comes with a temperature detector. It's also got a modern design that looks great on your bedside cabinet.

The large numbers on the display screen are easy to see, even if you wear glasses. If you want to check the time during the night, you can press the backlight button, which activates for 10 seconds.

When it comes to the alarm, it's loud enough to wake you up in the morning. It starts quietly and gradually increases in volume with each beep.

Attached to the bottom is a stand that doubles up as a makeup mirror. While this is great, I discovered a major design flaw. When you use the mirror as a stand, it gets scratched easily.

What's more, it's powered by a small CR2032 battery. Luckily, you'll get two of these included in your purchase; one for the clock, plus a spare.

In terms of downsides, I discovered the alarm clock isn't super loud, which could be a problem if you're a heavy sleeper.


  • Comes with a built-in temperature sensor
  • Modern-looking design
  • Large numbers make it easy to read
  • The stand doubles up as a mirror


  • When used as a stand, the makeup mirror get's scratched easily
  • Isn't loud enough to wake heavy sleepers

Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Loud Alarm

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If you want an alarm clock that's compact, reliable, and has a loud enough alarm to wake heavy sleepers, this is the one for you.

The Westclox Travelmate Alarm Clock hasn't failed to amaze frequent travelers around the World. It can be folded flat, so you can store it inside your bag without taking up too much space.

What's more, it's powered by a single Lithium Metal battery. You can expect one battery to last around five years. Of course, this depends on how frequently you're using it.

While this alarm clock has a backlight button, it's not raved about by previous customers. Many people found it wasn't bright enough to see in the dark, rendering it useless in most cases.

Therefore, if you're thinking about getting this alarm clock, don't expect the backlight feature to work as advertised.

So how about the downsides!?

Apart from the unreliable backlight, I also discovered the battery is difficult to remove from the holder.

But at least you only have to replace it every five years, right!?


  • Can be folded flat, making it great for traveling
  • The battery can last five years (in some cases)
  • Loud enough alarm for heavy sleepers
  • Reliable and lasts for years to come


  • The backlight doesn't provide enough light to see in the dark
  • It's difficult to remove and change the battery

Reacher Mini Battery Operated Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Modern-Looking Design

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Due to the colorful design, I recommend this alarm clock for the younger generation; however, while the design is great, how it performs is the most important thing, right!?

You'll be glad to hear it performs extremely well. As well as having a large easy to read display screen, there's also an option to toggle between 12 and 24 hour time depending on your preference.

What's more, the 5-second orange backlight is bright enough to let you see the time during the night; however, it can be a little too bright for some people.

Unfortunately, there aren't any dimming options available.

But how does the alarm perform!?

It starts slowly and gradually increases in volume with each beep. This ensures you'll wake up on time, even if the first beeps aren't enough to get you out of bed.

Similar to other alarm clocks on this list, it's powered by two AA batteries which should last over a year.

In terms of downsides, I found the backlight button is located on the back, making it difficult to locate during the night.


  • Large easy to read display screen
  • 12 and 24-hour clock options
  • 5-second button-operated orange backlight
  • Alarm sound increases with each beep


  • There aren't any dimming options available for the backlight
  • The backlight button is located on the back, making it difficult to locate

What To Look For In A Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Alarm Sound

Depending on whether you're a heavy or light sleeper, you may need a specific type of alarm clock. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can oversleep every day, right!?

Most of the alarm clocks on this list will wake the average person; however, if you're a heavy sleeper, then I recommend the Westclox Travelmate. as it has the loudest sounding alarm.


A backlight is a great feature to have as it lets you check the time during the night. I recommend choosing a clock with an optional backlight.

This way, you can press a button and check the time, as opposed to a light that stays on throughout the night and keeps you awake.

All the clocks on this list have a backlight that's operated by a button.


It's important to choose an alarm clock that's designed to last; otherwise, you'll be spending your hard-earned cash for no reason. The best way to find a good clock is by looking at the reviews. If they're mostly positive, you know you're in good hands.

It's also a good idea to stick with the more popular brands. I've vetted the brands on this list myself, ensuring you're getting nothing but the best quality.

Power Outlet vs. Battery Operated

The last thing you want when traveling abroad is a hotel room full of wires.

That's why I recommend choosing an alarm clock that's powered by batteries. Not only does it make your life easier, but it also prevents tripping hazards.

However, when choosing a battery-powered alarm clock, you want something that's long-lasting; otherwise, it could stop functioning during the night.

If you want an alarm clock with long battery life, I recommend the Westclox Travelmate. You can expect the battery to last up to five years, depending on how often you use it.

Features Comparison Table

ProductAlarm Sound LevelBacklightBattery vs. Power Outlet
Marathon Alarm ClockSoftYes (Automatic)Battery Operated
Travelwey Alarm ClockAverageYesBattery Operated
Noklead Digital Alarm ClockSoftYesBattery Operated
Westclox Travelmate Alarm ClockLoudYes (Not Very Good)Battery Operated
Reacher Travel Alarm ClockLoudYesBattery Operated

Final Verdict

With hundreds of digital alarm clocks available in 2022, It's difficult to choose the right one for your travels. I hope this article has helped you make a purchase.

Are you a frequent traveler? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the best digital alarm clocks for traveling.

To recap, I recommend the Marathon Alarm Clock. It's lightweight, compact, and doesn't take a scientist to work out how to use it.

Author: Burak Özdemir

My name is Burak, and I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning due to unreliable alarm clocks. Over the past few years, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and sharing my knowledge with people through this blog. I'm also the creator of Online Alarm Clock.