Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks

5 Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks in 2022

Updated: September 5, 2021

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While some people prefer using a wired charger, they are becoming a thing of the past. I mean, what's the point of using wires when you can go wireless, right!? And that's not even the best thing.

Most iPhone docks double up as an alarm clock, giving you the best of both worlds. Not only that, but there are many other features these devices pose, such as temperature sensors, display screens, built-in radios, and more.

Sounds great, right!? So why not get one!?

In this article, I'm going to give my honest opinion on the five best iPhone dock alarm clocks. I'll discuss everything from the best features and benefits to the pros and cons.

You can rest assured that I'll leave nothing on the table. If there's something I don't like about any product in this article, I'll mention it.

For those of you who haven't got time to read the full article, I recommend the Dpnao Alarm Clock. You'll get a large display screen, a wireless charging pad, and a built-in nightlight.

Why I'm Qualified

My relationship with alarm clocks hasn't been the best. I used to spend most of the time trying to find one that actually works! Luckily, those days are over.

After years of analyzing the best alarm clocks on the market, I finally discovered which ones work. The purpose of this blog is to share my findings with you guys, helping you avoid the problems I encountered over the years.

In addition, I also designed my own alarm clock.

5 Best iPhone Charging Alarm Clocks

Best Feature: Multifunctional

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Best Feature: Color Pattern Alarm

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Best Feature: Compact & Simple Design

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Best Feature: Adjustable Alarm Volume

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Best Feature: Lightening-Fast Charging

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Dpnao Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Best Feature: Multifunctional

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The reason I like the Dpnao Alarm Clock is that it's more than just a clock. In fact, it has everything you could ever need, packed down into a small and compact bedside cabinet accessory.

You can charge your phone by USB or using a wireless charging pad. Variety is everything, right!? The USB cable is great for when you want to continue using your phone, whereas the charging pad is perfect for uninterrupted charging.

In addition, there is a nightlight behind the charging pad. This comes in handy if you enjoy reading a book before bed. It can also be used if you wake up during the night and need to find your way around.

If you're not impressed with this clock yet, you should be! It also has a built-in temperature sensor, allowing you to check the weather without leaving your bed.

At least you'll be able to dress appropriately without having to go outside and check, right!?

The weather information is displayed on the display screen underneath the charging pad. It also displays the time in large white numbers. The problem is, even on the lowest setting, the display screen can be too bright.


  • Charge your phone by USB or wirelessly
  • Comes with a nightlight
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Easy to read display screen
  • Multiple alarms


  • The display screen is too bright, even on the lowest setting
  • The built-in speaker isn't amazing quality

iHome iBTW281 Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Color Pattern Alarm

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While the iHome isn't as multifunctional as the Dpnao Alarm Clock, it's got a cool feature that stands out for me. It lets you wake up to different colors in the morning.

However, this isn't going to work for most people. But don't worry, there's more! You can also connect your phone to this alarm clock via Bluetooth and use your own playlist to wake up.

I recommend using nature sounds as they help you start the day more peacefully. Combine nature sounds with the flashing lights and try something new. Why not!?

But can you charge your iPhone!?

Absolutely! You can place it on the charging dock on top of the unit. It will charge by itself without the need for a charger. With that being said, you'll need to remove the case; otherwise it may not work.

For downsides, I found there isn't a built-in radio. The charging dock can also be a little temperamental at times, so you may need to move your phone around to get a connection.


  • Wake up to color patterns in the morning
  • Use your music playlist as an alarm
  • iPhone charging dock
  • Play music using the Bluetooth speakers
  • Dual alarms for weekdays and weekends


  • It doesn't have a radio
  • The charging dock can be a little temperamental

NOKLEAD Digital Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Compact & Simple Design

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If you're looking for a simple iPhone dock alarm clock, then look no further than the Noklead Digital Alarm Clock. Noklead focused all its efforts on creating a good alarm clock with great charging capabilities.

You'll also be able to see the time as it's displayed across the front of the clock in large white numbers. My only complaint is I would prefer if the numbers were red, as it's easier on your eyes in the dark.

With that being said, you can adjust the brightness and even turn off the display screen completely.

What's more, when you place your iPhone on the charging dock, there is a small buzzer icon indicating whether it's fully charged or still charging. It turns red when charging and green when it's fully charged.

While this feature is great, it does come with a slight downside. In a dark room, the green light can be bright and disrupt your sleep. Hence why I recommend covering it with some tape.

I also like the fact that it's super compact, making it perfect for people who travel frequently. It may look big in the product pictures, but you'll be surprised!


  • The simple design has everything you need
  • Large easy to read display screen
  • Option to turn off the display screen at night
  • Buzzer icon indicates whether your phone is charged
  • Adjustable display brightness


  • The green fully charged icon is too bright in a dark room
  • Would be better if the display screen had red numbers

REACHER Digital Radio Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Adjustable Alarm Volume

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Similar to the Dpnao Alarm Clock, this one lets you charge your iPhone using a charging pad or USB lead. There are two USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

But that's not the only thing!

Reacher has designed this alarm clock with heavy sleepers in mind. You can adjust the volume depending on your preference. Not only that, but you can also adjust the brightness of the display screen.

If preferred, you can also turn it off completely.

The wireless charging dock is located on top of the unit. Simply place your phone on there and watch the magic happen! Keep in mind that it's important to remove your phone case. Otherwise, your phone may overheat.

Do you enjoy sleeping in when you shouldn't!? Then you'll be glad to hear there is a 9-minute snooze option that can be used up to six times. But after six times, you're out of luck, my friend.


  • Wireless charging pad and two USB ports
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Great for heavy sleepers
  • Adjust the brightness of the display screen
  • 9-minute snooze button


  • Need to remove your phone case when charging
  • The alarm isn't very long

Pointuch Digital Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Lightening-Fast Charging

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The Pointuch Digital Alarm Clock has a unique-looking design. Nonetheless, it still works like a charm. The wireless charging pad charges your phone at lightning-fast speeds, saving you a ton of time.

Alternatively, you can use the USB port on the back to charge your phone. Or why not charge multiple phones at the same time!?

You get two alarms and a nightlight that can change colors. You'll be able to choose from white, red, yellow, green, blue, or pink.

The screen has large white numbers, displaying the time. You can dim the screen or turn it off completely, depending on your preference.

In terms of downsides, I found the buttons difficult to operate. They are touch-sensitive and sometimes need to be pressed multiple times before they work.


  • Unique-looking design
  • USB port on the back
  • Built-in nightlight
  • The nightlight changes color
  • Large easy-to-read display screen


  • The buttons are difficult to operate
  • Short power cord

How to Choose the Best iPhone Charging Alarms

Dimmable display screen

Most of the products in this article have a display screen. While this is great, it needs to be dimmable if you're easily distracted at night. You see, some people, myself included, can't sleep in a dark room with any kind of lights, even a small one.

On the flip side, you may be able to sleep with a fully lit display screen. It all depends on the individual.

Types of charging

Just because this article talks about wireless iPhone docks doesn't mean some products don't offer USB charging. While wireless charging is superior, USB charging ports allow you to use the phone while it's charging.

Phone alarm

Some alarm clocks connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you wake up to your favorite playlist. While this could turn your favorite music into your least favorite, I prefer using this feature to wake up to nature sounds. What better way to start the day, right!?

Multiple alarms

A nice but not essential feature is multiple alarms. Dual alarms let you set separate alarms for weekdays and weekends. This helps you better schedule your week and prevents you from waking up too early on weekends.

Final Verdict

An iPhone dock alarm is a great addition to your bedside cabinet. In fact, it may even replace all your current accessories, depending on which one you get! The most important thing is making sure you get one that's reliable and functions well.

To recap, I recommend the Dpnao Alarm Clock. It offers wireless charging, multiple alarms and even comes with a built-in nightlight.

Author: Burak Özdemir

My name is Burak, and I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning due to unreliable alarm clocks. Over the past few years, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and sharing my knowledge with people through this blog. I'm also the creator of Online Alarm Clock.